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You must hire him in a heartbeat!

I can’t thank Attorney Ahmad enough for the job he did on my case. I was facing decades in prison for Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child. My stepdaughter falsely accused me and I was thrown in jail on a $25,000 cash bond. Attorney Ahmad fought hard from the get-go to dismiss the charges. At the same time, he was able to convince the Judge, who is known to be like a hammer on defendants, to release me on a signature bond. It was unbelievable. He kept telling me to be patient and that he was working on the case. He did a house visit and met with my family and got all the important information. He kept us informed. Ultimately, a few weeks before trial I walked into Court not knowing what would happen. I was very nervous. Attorney Ahmad was relaxed and told me everything was going to be fine. I was overjoyed when I heard the State say that they were dismissing the case! He was able to