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Mindy Nolan was an amazing lawyer

Mindy Nolan was an amazing lawyer and would be my first recommendation for anyone looking for a defense attorney. She was very involved and personable in my boyfriend’s case and always cared not only about the case but the client, my boyfriend, as well. We originally contacted Mindy after my boyfriend had a warrant out for his arrest after an unlawful police search. When my boyfriend was arrested a month after getting out on bond, I was so thankful Mindy didn’t drop our case due to consistent reoffending. Out of the 3 cases, she got the first one dropped and the last two cases combined. Not only did my boyfriend get a significantly lower sentencing , he will be able to come home within 6 months of the sentencing even thought he took a 8 year plea deal. Yes that’s just how good she is! I’m positive that if he wouldn’t have broke the conditions of his bond, he wouldn’t have had to serve any jail time. That’s how committed Mindy was to getting the best possible outcome for her client. Mindy was amazing and so flexible even with payments and fees and again she would be my FIRST recommendation for a defense attorney. Thank you Mindy!!