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I will never stop saying thank you to Aneeq Ahmad and Associates.

I hired Attorney Aneeq Ahmad to represent my case in the Madison Wisconsin Dane County Court House immediately after I was charged with a Second Degree Reckless Injury & Use of a Dangerous weapon two felonies charges. At first, I thought that my whole life was over I never been charged with a crime and I was being accused of high substantial crimes that I didn’t commit but this particular office thought differently. My Attorney Aneeq Ahmad kept his promises that he was going to get this case Dismissed or to lower Charges at the Preliminary hearing and he meant every word that he said from the very first time we meet. Once I hired Attorney Aneeq Ahmad to represent me the Madison Wisconsin Court House canceled four court dates and was trying on the fifth court date until Ahmad said let’s go were fighting today and Dane Count has no choice but to be ready I was ready too. I was so proud to have a strong smart team of Lawyers to come to a town where everybody’s not treated fairly in the system. Aneeq Ahmad Associates was inside of the courthouse fighting for my life the officer was also in shock of the questions that he got investigated for to the point he finally told the truth and the Judge had no other choice but to Dismiss all charges as Aneeq Ahmad and Associates had promised me. What I witnessed in court about this team was incredible and unbelievable I broke down in tears of joy inside of that courtroom. I would highly recommend my Lawyer to anyone because he’s the best Attorney I’ve seen or heard of in my entire life. Thank You and your team so much for giving me my life back in peace so that I could walk across the stage in June of 2020 to receive my diploma in Accounting. I am truly blessed to have met you. I will never stop saying thank you to Aneeq Ahmad and Associates.