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Best Outcome in Uphill Battle

On Jan 1st of 2014, I got arrested for several domestic violence charges. The next morning the D.A. added several new charges to cases that had been investigated on me close to a year ago. Total charges were now 12. I had never been on this side of the law and had no idea who to contact.; My parents frantically stood in the court lobby after my first appearance. They asked several attorneys to look into my case and all requests were denied. After several hours my parents saw Attorney Aneeq Ahmad and explained my case to him.; Attorney Ahmad represented me from the start and was constantly friendly, polite, And straightforward. He did not sugar coat things and made everything very clear. He furthermore set out different options for me to want and proceed with, outlining the benefits and possible outcomes.; The conclusion of my case was the best outcome that we wanted. All but two lower-level charges had been dismissed. I did not have to do any jail time, and after 1.5-3 years of probation, both charges were court-ordered to be expunged.; Against an uphill battle with the D.A. Attorney Ahmad fought for the outcome we wanted and did everything he could to do so. The judge denied All of the D.A requests (jail time/no expungement ) and now I have an opportunity to continue on with my life and permanently put this is all behind me.; Aneeq went out of his way at every opportunity. He would even come to my house to explain the progress of the case to my family and loved ones. He is highly educated in law and I would recommend him to anyone. From day one he gave me confidence and support and I am forever in his gratitude