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Best Lawyer Ever, Hands Down!

This was my first ever situation that I had to deal with the police and the court. I googled and contacted many lawyers around my area but I was not getting the correct positive vibe & also they were pretty expensive. After a few days, I googled lawyers in Milwaukee and I came across Mr. Aneeq Ahmed website & without wasting anytime made a appointment.; I met him and went over my sitaution that I was struggling with. 5 charges including a felony. It was a very hard time for me and my family but Mr. Ahmed was very postive and listened to me very attentivey and gave me all his time & attention. He told me what he could for me step by step, in addition he also spoke to my father and made him understand and answered all his questions aswell.; Without wasting anytime, I hired him the next day and went through everything in details. we exachanged contact information through which we were in regular contact which made me and my family feel very comfortable. He had paper work that I had to fill out to answer questions regarding the case details, in addition he was always there for a quick phone call, meeting regarding the case.; I was accused of 5 charges. 2 battery 2 diorderly consuct 1 strangulation/suffocation.; Without having me to go to trail Mr. Ahmed worked with prosecutor and got me out with just 1 disorderly conduct. I cant thank him enough for his hard work and determination. I really am thankful for his cooperation with my family and I regarding this 7 month period!; In conclusion, if you are looking for a lawyer that you can trust and have faith in, he is your guy! I am medical graduate currently studying for my boards exam! He saved my future and he can do the same for you!