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We work together on every felony case, considering every possible angle and approach to achieve the best outcome for you. We identify our goals on the very first meeting with you and tell you how we’re going to get there. We also tell you what we’ve done in other cases. Check our reviews from clients like you. Whether it’s a simple drug possession charge or a serious felony offense, we are here as your team – your lawyers, your lifeline.

We fight for you and only you.

We answer to no one but you.

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Having Attorney Anneq Ahmad in my corner, fighting for me, eased our concerns.

After serious allegations and charges, grief, fear, and uncertainty could have been overwhelming for me and my family, but having Attorney Anneq Ahmad in my corner, fighting for me, eased our concerns. From the first time I met Attorney Ahmad, I recognized his professionalism and sense of calm and confidence. His experience and knowledge of the law and justice system is apparent. He fought for me and my case was dismissed. I highly recommend Attorney Aneeq Ahmad.

– Former Client
Excellent, Excellent, Excellent.

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. I was falsely accused of a serious crime and I was facing a maximum sentence of 120 years. After a long year and 5 month of incarceration, Attorney Ahmad and his team did a lot of work with dedication on my behalf, and got my case dismissed. As of today I am a free man again. I am happy, and satisfy of the excellence work Attorney Ahmad provided to me, he treated me like family and he his very dedicated at his work. I gave him my 100% trust, and the results speak for themselves. Thank you again to help me getting my life back. I will forever be greatful that I made a wise choice to choose your firm. Thank you, thank you, thank you to Attorney Aneeq Ahmad and his Team. If you ever need an Attorney for your Criminal Case/s, don’t look any further. I highly recommend Attorney Ahmed and his firm hands down. Thank you again for everything. Sincerely,

– Rosario
Mindy Nolan was an amazing lawyer

Mindy Nolan was an amazing lawyer and would be my first recommendation for anyone looking for a defense attorney. She was very involved and personable in my boyfriend’s case and always cared not only about the case but the client, my boyfriend, as well. We originally contacted Mindy after my boyfriend had a warrant out for his arrest after an unlawful police search. When my boyfriend was arrested a month after getting out on bond, I was so thankful Mindy didn’t drop our case due to consistent reoffending. Out of the 3 cases, she got the first one dropped and the last two cases combined. Not only did my boyfriend get a significantly lower sentencing , he will be able to come home within 6 months of the sentencing even thought he took a 8 year plea deal. Yes that’s just how good she is! I’m positive that if he wouldn’t have broke the conditions of his bond, he wouldn’t have had to serve any jail time. That’s how committed Mindy was to getting the best possible outcome for her client. Mindy was amazing and so flexible even with payments and fees and again she would be my FIRST recommendation for a defense attorney. Thank you Mindy!!

– Alexandria Cannon
Attorney Ahmad has helped my boyfriend through several cases

Attorney Ahmad has helped my boyfriend through several cases for the past 4 years. He was very consistent in his defense. He didn’t judge us and he included our family. No one is perfect but everyone deserves a chance to grow and do better. Ahmad emphasized that and fought so that my family could do just that- grow and do better. Fortunately, he was able to get all of the cases expunged and we are forever grateful. Thank you again! Choose Ahmad & Associates for an attorney who cares.

– Aariona M.
Attorney Mindy Nolan is very professional

Attorney Mindy Nolan is very professional, honest and has excellent human qualities, she does everything for the well-being of her client, I openly recommend her to anyone who needs a good lawyer to defend them, my case was an investigation process and she fought until she managed to resolve my case. case before the scheduled date for a trial, I am infinitely grateful to attorney Mindy Nolan and her entire team

– Reyes Perez
Mr. Ahmad and his team will fight with all they have to get the results

If you’re in need of the best lawyer that ever existed you have found the right one and don’t need to look any further. Mr. Ahmad and his team will fight with all they have to get the results that you’re looking for. I had 2 criminal cases pending with a total of 4 charges between both cases. Once I realized that the 2 lawyers that I hired could care less about my charges let alone my entire future I ended up firing them both. I spent many days researching on who I could trust and that would actually care. I came across Ahmad & Associates and I’m forever grateful that I did. All four criminal charges completely dropped and case dismissed without even having to go to trial. He did all that in 2 months, something both my previous lawyers couldn’t even come close to doing in a year and a half. I owe these people my life and if you care about yours you can’t go wrong on having Mr. Ahmad and his amazing team representing you. Thank you Mr. Ahmad and Maddy for everything that you did!

– Joe Curtis
Best attorneys in the Milwaukee area

Best attorneys in the Milwaukee area. Great communication and advice. Got the best outcome in a very serious case. Always had my best interests at heart. I highly recommend that if you want to be well represented you call Ahmad & Associates. Thank you Mindy for everything!!

– Elsa M.
I came to Ahmad which was the best thing I’ve done

I have been dealing with several different felonies chargers in the last past 4 years against me, I came to Ahmad which was the best thing I’ve done. He got 3 felonies dropped, only being charged for one for pleaded guilty to 1 account of a felony. I was only sentenced to 2 years of probation with acceptance of expunction after a clean completion. 10/10 for me I thank Aneeq Ahmad so much.

– Qwaun Pipkin
I highly recommend her and Ahmad best lawyers ever

Mindy represented me for a revocation hearing i was facing serious prison time and she won and got me found not guilty I highly recommend her and Ahmad best lawyers ever .

– Kenny Winters
I owe my life to Ahmad and his team

When I say I owe my life to Ahmad and his team I really mean it. My life was flipped upside down when I was arrested and I thought I was going to go away for a long time. Ahmad told me from the beginning he wasn’t making any promises but he will try his hardest and he fought tooth and nail to make sure he gave me the best possible outcome. I couldn’t be more grateful. If you’re contemplating on what lawyer you should trust with your life Ahmad and Associates is the way to go !

– Valentino Martinez