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If you’ve been charged with a child abuse offense, it’s important that you exercise your rights immediately. First, invoke your Fifth Amendment protections and politely decline to provide any statements to law enforcement officials. Anything you say at the beginning of your case, especially during the arrest process and initial questioning, can profoundly affect the outcome. Next, exercise your right to have an attorney represent you. A skilled lawyer can provide advice and guidance on how to proceed, and they will know how to work toward a favorable outcome on your behalf.

At Ahmad & Nolan Defense, our Milwaukee child abuse defense lawyers understand the damages that can be caused by a criminal charge. Facing an accusation can ruin your reputation or hurt your relationships with your family and friends. That is why we are sensitive to your situation. We will sit down with you, one-on-one, to learn about who you are as a person and the events that led up to the allegations being made against you. Our team knows that there are two sides to every story, and sometimes a child abuse report can stem from another person’s nefarious intentions. We’re here to provide a compelling defense to fight your charges.

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Child Abuse Charges We Defend Against in Milwaukee

Wisconsin has various laws concerning causing harm to a child. They include offenses that involve physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, neglect. These crimes can either be charged as misdemeanors and felonies. Because a child or children might have been injured or hurt as a result of abusive conduct, the State prosecutes these crimes to the full extent of the law. The prosecution may seek severe penalties for a person found guilty of an offense, which could mean a lengthy prison sentence and hefty fines.

Recognizing the substantial impacts a child abuse charge and conviction can have on your life, our team will aggressively fight for you and will go up against even the toughest opponents to protect your rights and freedoms.

We provide legal representation for various child abuse crimes, including:

  • Physical abuse: Either intentionally or recklessly causing bodily harm to a child is a serious offense. Depending on the circumstances, it can be charged as a Class I, H, F, E, or C felony. In Wisconsin, failing to stop another person from physically abusing a child is also an offense, and can bring either Class H or F felony charges.
  • Mental abuse: If a person harms the mental well-being of a child, or fails to report someone engaging in such conduct, they could be charged with a Class F felony.
  • Sexual assault: Depending on their age, having sex with a child can be charged as a Class C, B, or A felony.
  • Abandonment: Intentionally leaving a child anywhere that could result in harm to them is a Class G felony offense.
  • Neglect: A person who does not provide necessities to a child, including care, food, clothing, medical care, or shelter, can be charged with either a Class A misdemeanor or a Class I, H, G, F, or D felony.

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Have you been charged with a child abuse offense in Milwaukee? Our experienced lawyers are here to help you navigate the often complicated criminal justice system. We have an intimate understanding of Wisconsin’s laws and know that, depending on the circumstances, various defenses can be mounted to challenge accusations of child abuse. We will provide personalized attention as we work toward a favorable result on your behalf.

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1st Degree Reckless Homicide


Felony Child Abuse


Felony Burglary and Stalking

Probation, No Jail

2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child

Amended to Ticket of Reckless Driving

OWI 1st Offense


Sexual Assault

One Year Probation; No Jail.

Repeated Sexual Assault of a Child


Shooting – 1st Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety

No Probation, No Jail

Two counts of felony Reckless Endangerment and Disorderly Conduct

No Jail

OWI 3rd Offense

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